Nokia achieves 28% market share in 4G plus 5G outside of China

The Nokia Corporation company achieved a 28% market share in 4G plus 5G outside of China.

Overall, the company seeks to lead high-performance end-to-end networks with communication service providers.

By the end of 2020, Nokia achieved 139 5G commercial deals and launched 44 live networks with its customers.

Additionally, it continued to make good progress in transitioning to 5G shipments that are “5G Powered by ReefShark” (5G PBR). In this regard, it exceeded its goal by the end of 2020 of reaching more than 35% of 5G PBR shipments.

Regarding its 4G to 5G conversion rate based on actual radio turnover, it ended last year in the 90% range, excluding China.

While the 2019 decline was primarily driven by some loss of market share in North America, this was offset by footprint gains with customers who have increased their focus on security.


The company invested in digital service architecture, advanced analytics, machine learning, automation, and serviceability for rapid delivery of its network infrastructure services.

It also delivered industry-leading cognitive network services to improve network performance, operational efficiency, and subscriber experience, and developed service business models to open up new revenue streams for CSPs.

Nokia is the # 2 routing provider of service providers worldwide (excluding China) and shipped over 1 million routers at the close of 2020.

According to the company itself, its in-house designed FP4 high-performance routing silicon demonstrates continued commitment to technological innovation and leadership, with continued sales momentum with over 300 projects won, two-thirds of which were new footprints and / or competitor movements.

At the same time, it is the world’s number two provider of optical networks (excluding China), combining technology leadership in silicon and systems with its core WaveLogic Elements technology, including the PSE-V Coherent Digital Signal Processor (DSP). and Elenion silicon photonics, as well as optimized software and application automation to drive efficiency in optical networks through its WaveSuite portfolio and WaveHub ecosystem.

To conclude, Nokia maintained its leading global market share with the second position in fiber and the first position in 5G fixed wireless access.


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