Murano: Dreams Chateau and Complejo GIC

Murano Global Investments Limited has a portfolio of four hotels and resorts in Mexico, including Dreams Chateau and Complejo GIC.

Its hotel portfolio consists of:

  • An iconic 396-room five-star, upscale hotel located in the heart of Mexico City (Andaz and Mondrian Hotel), which was completed in the last quarter of 2022 and became operational in the first quarter of 2023.
  • A 3,016-room complex, also five-star upscale, referred to as the «GIC Complex,» to be developed in Cancun along the Nichupte Lagoon on the west side of Cancun’s hotel zone.
  • The Baja Park Development Project.
  • An iconic 371-room hotel classified as a five-star upscale hotel, referred to as «Dreams Chateau», to be developed in a unique location in Bajamar, Baja California, near Rosarito Beach and the Valle de Guadalupe wine route.

Murano is a Mexican development company with extensive experience in the structuring, development and evaluation of industrial, residential, corporate office and hotel projects in Mexico, with the vision of creating competitive investment vehicles and leaders in the acquisition, consolidation, operation and development of real estate assets.


The company also provides comprehensive services, including the execution, construction, management and operation of a wide variety of industrial, business, tourism and medical real estate projects, among others.

Cancun is the number one destination in the Caribbean, with more than twice as many passenger arrivals as Puerto Rico, its closest competitor.

Murano estimates that total passenger traffic in Cancun in the coming years will be around the historic levels recorded before the pandemic.

In recent years, the total number of passengers visiting Cancun has grown at a significantly higher rate than the number of hotel rooms, creating an opportunity in the hospitality sector.

With its strategic location in Ensenada, modern infrastructure and skilled labor force, Baja Park is poised to become a manufacturing and logistics hub in the region.

Ensenada is strategically located on the west coast of Mexico, with easy access to the United States and the Pacific coast.


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