MiT supplies Cinépolis, AMC and Cinemark

Moving Image Technologies (MiT) counts Cinemark, AMC, Cinépolis, Cinemex, Reading, Metropolitan, Hollywood, Regal, Syufy and Harkins among its major clients.

MiT personnel have designed, specified and installed thousands of high-end commercial, post-production, projection and residential theaters and have participated in digital cinema conversion deployments for major cinema exhibitors.

The company was incorporated in June 2020 under the initial name MiT Acquisition Corporation, which was changed to Moving iMage Technologies, Inc. in September 2020.


In connection with its initial public offering, in July 2021, the holders of Moving iMage Technologies exchanged their interests for shares of the Company, resulting in Moving iMage Technologies, LLC becoming the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary.

Moving iMage Technologies commenced operations in September 2003, and its wholly owned subsidiary, MiT Acquisition Co. acquired all of the assets of Caddy Products in July 2019.

MiT recorded net sales of $18.4 million for the year ended June 30, 2022 and a net loss of $1.3 million.


MiT is a leading provider of technology, products and services to cinema and sports and entertainment venue operators.

The company provides a suite of services to operators of cinemas and other critical screening and viewing venues.

These services include overall project management, which can encompass a wide range of design, integration, installation and procurement services for the construction of new auditoriums, remodeling or upgrading existing facilities.

In addition, MiT designs and manufactures a suite of proprietary products that are sold as part of its project management services or on an a la carte basis.

Examples of these products include cup holders, trays and other proprietary items that are sold in movie exhibition, entertainment and sports venue markets.

The company also resells third-party technologies, such as screens, projectors and servers, among others.

Other products it resells from third parties as part of its project management or on-demand services. These include technology products such as screens, projectors, servers and FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment).


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