Ministry of Economy promotes 4 priority industries for economic reactivation

The Ministry of Economy reported that it promotes four priority industries for the economic reactivation of Mexico: aerospace, health, automotive and electronics-appliances.

This hierarchy was mentioned by Tatiana Clouthier, Secretary of Economy, in a forum organized by Expansión this Monday.

In particular, the health sector encompasses, for these purposes, the manufacture of medical devices and instruments; medicines, and production of basic contents for medicines.

Clouthier stressed that the four priority industries are “linked to the Biden initiative”, alluding to the program of US President Joe Biden.

The official will make a working visit to Washington, DC, from Tuesday to Friday, and will participate in the High Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN) on July 9.

With regard to issues related to the Ministry of the Economy, the DEAN meeting will discuss supply chains, investments in the South-Southeast of Mexico and Central America, infrastructure on the border, facilitation of procedures and innovation.

Priority industries

In particular, Clouthier said that Mexico plans to provide parts and services related to the semiconductor industry to the United States.

“What have we raised? Two things: make an important piece and link it with the production chain in the United States and, on the other hand, the programming part; a part in Jalisco and another in Baja California”, said Clouthier.

She also trusted that Mexico will reach a solution with the United States regarding the differences they have on the methodology to measure the degree of regional content in compliance with the rules of origin of the automotive sector.

Already before, the government of Mexico affirmed that it trusts that a dispute resolution panel on Regional Content Value (VCR) will not be raised in the USMCA.

“We are seeking to reach an agreement (…) We do not want to reach an international panel, they are the options that are available when there are these controversies in the treaty, but I do not think it will go there,” he said. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador last Thursday.


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