Mining must be based on the economic, human and natural: SE

Mining must be based on the economic, human and natural, said Tatiana Clouthier, Secretary of Economy, when participating this Wednesday in the Mexico Mining Forum 2021.

«Mining must find to be or become a sustainable activity always taking care of all the axes: economic, human and nature,» said the official.

«I am sure that the responsibility to which we have advanced and to which this pandemic is calling us will be the challenge that we will face together, all those involved in this task: society, government and companies,» she added.

Clouthier said that the table (a sectoral dialogue mechanism) will continue to function even when the federal government disappeared the Undersecretariat of Mining at the end of 2020.

The working table served to review, adjust and promote current issues for the sector and that promote exemplary mining in Mexico, such as that represented in the Camimex.

The topics analyzed were:

  • Law
  • Mining Fund
  • Communication and Image
  • Good practices in environment and community development issues
  • Mining conflicts
  • Graduation


Mining is one of the industries with the highest investment amounts; In 2019, this indicator added 4,657 million dollars, 4.9% less compared to 2018, due to the unfavorable conditions of demand and prices at a global level.

In 2020, the activities of the mining industry were closed for two months, as a result of Covid-19, a pandemic that also affected the arrival of capital due to the uncertainty it generated in the global economy.

«I must also say that we have significant challenges in terms of the health and care of our workers,» said Clouthier.

«What do I mean by this? We all know that mining is a profession that requires a lot of effort in our health. Well now, with the pandemic, the effort and care of Mexican workers must be redoubled, because they will require greater care, and we will require greater observance of them. I invite all mining companies, miners and all related associations to work in favor of this,” concluded Clouthier.