Minera Media Luna builds artificial wetland for water treatment

Minera Media Luna, a subsidiary of Canada’s Torex Gold Resources, built an artificial wetland for wastewater treatment in the municipality of Cocula, Guerrero (Mexico), where it has mining operations.

The water treatment is located in the community of La Fundición and replicates the system present in nature for the purification of water.

With an investment of 6 million 272,320 pesos, the wetland complies with the Official Mexican Standard (NOM-002-ECOL-1996) of SEMARNAT and is part of the infrastructure endowment of the La Fundición relocation process.

360 inhabitants live in that town in 103 homes, which were also granted by the company to all local families, in 2014.

Torex Gold Resources is the full owner of the Oro Morelos Property, a group of seven mineral concessions that houses four deposits, El Limón (which includes El Limón Sur), Guajes (together called El Limón-Guajes -ELG-), Sub-Sill and Media Luna.

The company is currently operating the ELG Mine Complex, which includes the ELG Open Shafts and the Underground ELG.

While operating the ELG Mining Complex, Torex is conducting work at the Media Luna deposit to support the development of the mineral resource.

Media Luna Mine

Torex Gold Resources has its corporate office in Toronto, Ontario, and is currently the second largest gold producer in Mexico.

In turn, Minera Media Luna intends to advance the Media Luna Project from the initial stage of development to production in 2024.

In 2019, Minera Media Luna completed the infill drilling program at Media Luna, successfully upgrading 25% of the previous inferred resource to the indicated trusted resource category, suitable for use in a feasibility study and reserve estimate. mineral.

The objective of the infill drilling program was to enhance sufficient resources to generate a reserve that would return the initial capital investment.

Minera Media Luna is carrying out a planned back-fill drilling program for 2020, with the intention of upgrading more of the inferred resources to the indicated category in time for incorporation into the feasibility study.

The water project

The subsidiary expects the system for wastewater treatment to be effective and easy to maintain.

During the inauguration event, the Superintendent of Regional Development of Minera Media Luna, Saulo Ramírez Torres, explained that the provision of water for consumption by the inhabitants of Real del Limón and La Fundición comes from a deep catchment well with a length of 370 meters and pumps up to 3.6 liters per second, volume that reaches a storage tank to later distribute to homes.

Photo: Minera Media Luna. La Fundición.

Likewise, the general director of Environment, Prevention and Water Pollution of the Secretary of the Environment of the Government of the State of Guerrero, Rubén Darío Rodríguez, said that the health system will have resources through a trust for the payment of maintenance.