Mexico’s steel exports set record

Mexico‘s steel exports (foundry, iron and steel and cast iron and steel manufactures) broke records in the period from January to July 2021, according to data from Banxico.

At a year-on-year rate, these shipments abroad grew 41.7%, to 7.141 million dollars.

Compared with the period before the Convid-19 pandemic, steel exports in the first seven months of this year had an advance of 26.8 percent.

Among the largest manufacturers of this metal in Mexico are: Ternium, Grupo Villacero, AHMSA, DeAcero, Industrias CH, ArcelorMittal, Grupo Simec, Grupo Collado, Molymex and Hydro Aluminum México.

Before, in the periods from January to July, Mexico’s steel exports were $ 4.754 million in 2017 and $ 5.831 million in 2018.

Steel exports

After the contraction of 2015, the national steel industry showed continuous growth between 2015 and 2018, achieving an average annual growth that amounted to 3.5%, according to data from the Mexican Mining Chamber (Camimex).

However, as of 2019, a slowdown in production was observed that lasted until 2020, year in which a production of 16.8 million tons was achieved, this is a reduction of 8.3% compared to 2019.

The National Chamber of the Iron and Steel Industry (Canacero) reports that crude steel production, in the accumulated of 2020, contracted by 8.6% compared to the accumulated of 2019 and closed at 16.8 million tons, which is the lowest production recorded in 10 years.

In the case of rolled (finished) products, production decreased 8.1% in 2020, compared to 2019, closing at 16.4 million tons.

On the other hand, the production of flat products decreased 17.9% against the accumulated in 2019, closing with a production of 6.6 million tons. In the case of long products, they grew 2.6% compared to 2019, ending with a production of 8.6 million tons. Finally, seamless and seamless pipes decreased 15.2% compared to 2019, closing with a production of 1.2 million tons.

In the case of exports, it was observed that rolled products in the accumulated of 2020 decreased 6.2% compared to 2019, ending at 3.3 million tons.

External purchases

Regarding imports in 2020, it was observed that in the case of rolled products they decreased 13.1% compared to 2019, ending at 8.8 million tons. Flat products with a 10.5% drop compared to 2019, registering 7.6 million tons.

Long products with a high contraction in 2020 of 27.2%, closing with 1.1 million tons.

While the pipe with and without seam, had a fall of 22.0%, 0.4 million tons.


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