Mexico’s light vehicle exports decrease 5.5%

Light vehicle exports totaled 256,098 units in Mexico during July, an interannual decrease of 5.5%, the Inegi reported.

Overall, the Covid-19 pandemic and government actions and measures to prevent its spread continue to impact the operations and businesses of the auto industry, albeit with a trend toward recovery.

From January to July, light vehicle exports accumulated 1 million 274,517 units, a drop of 36.8%, at an annual rate.

Government-imposed restrictions on business, operations and travel and related economic uncertainty have impacted demand for vehicles in most global markets, and companies expect Covid-19 to continue to materially impact their results of operations for the remainder of the year. 2020.

In response, companies are executing a series of austerity measures, including aggressive actions to cut costs, such as limiting advertising and other third-party expenses, deferring compensation for salaried employees, and delaying non-critical projects, including certain future product programs. .

Light vehicle exports

The Administrative Registry of the Automotive Industry of Light Vehicles offers monthly data by company regarding the sales, production and exports of new light vehicles, without specifying monetary values.

For the dissemination of this administrative record, the authorization of the 21 companies affiliated to the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA), Mitsubishi Motors and Giant Motors Latin America is available to publish information on the number of vehicles of each of the 34 brands and corresponding models produced and / or sold in Mexico.

This information provided directly by companies does not undergo any statistical treatment and maintains the nature of an administrative record.




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