Mexico’s Global Economic Intelligence Unit and ComerciaMX

The Global Economic Intelligence Unit (UIEG), in charge of promoting exports, attracting foreign investment and strengthening Mexico‘s supply chains, is the area of the Ministry of Economy that manages ComerciaMX.

This platform was launched in March 2021 as a result of a collaboration between the Inter-American Development Bank and the Ministry of Economy of the Mexican government within the framework of ConnectAmericas with the objective of facilitating business interaction at the international level, especially that of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

ComerciaMX has four main functionalities: business directory, business opportunities, training and business communities.

Since the launch of the platform, the business directory has registered 482 companies from different states of the country, mostly belonging to the food and beverage (27%); business services (23%); clothing, textiles and accessories (7%); household goods, garden and construction materials (5%); machinery, tools and industrial equipment (4%); health and beauty (4%); arts and crafts (3 percent) sectors.

Through its profile, the company can disclose its administrative information (company name, number of employees), commercial information (products/services, clients, certifications, export destinations, etc.) and contact information (telephone, social networks, e-mail).

Intelligence Unit

In business opportunities, companies can identify demands for products or services from international companies.

Embassies and offices of the Ministry of Economy abroad share business offers with the UIEG and these are mostly published in ComerciaMX.

Other business opportunities published on the platform come from multinational companies with investment or relocation projects that are looking for Mexican suppliers.

The third functionality, which refers to training, consists of a series of webinars and articles that provide information on export-related procedures or commercialization potential depending on the target market.

Through these communities, ComerciaMX informs member companies of upcoming events and relevant business opportunities.

To improve the reach of the platform, the UIEG has carried out collaborations with different actors from the public, private and social sectors.

Among these collaborations are those with local governments and business chambers.

Likewise, ComerciaMX is widely disseminated by the head of the Ministry of Economy in meetings with investment companies or with leaders of the international business sector.


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