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Mexico supports automotive plan in North America: SE

The Mexican Ministry of Economy affirmed this Monday that it supports the implementation of a plan to restart the activities of the country’s automotive industry, in coordination with Canada and the United States.

The Government of Mexico expressed its “firm will, willingness and support” to build a trinational solution that pays for the coordination and synchronization of production processes.

“With the understanding that, by protecting the health of the population, the optimal operational continuity of the companies is guaranteed in the medium and long terms,” ​​he added in a press release.

The Ministry of Economy indicated that it is recognized that within the three countries there are regions and localities with particular sanitary conditions, so the degree of spread of COVID-19, demographic characteristics, health condition, risk and vulnerability of people are different, as well as the capacities and restrictions of local public health systems to respond to the emergency.

Thus, the elaboration of the plan to reopen the automotive sector in North America will contemplate this diversity and complexity. Meanwhile, the automotive industry and its supply chains in Mexico will abide by the suspension of activities mandated by the General Health Council,” he said.

Automotive and value chains

The statement was released after presidents and senior managers of 327 manufacturing companies in the United States asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador not to close certain factories in Mexico that provide supplies and products related to medical care against COVID-19.

“This is a crucial moment. We are urgently working to equip our healthcare providers and other frontline workers with COVID-19 with the resources they need to save and protect the lives of our fellow citizens. However, closing the facilities of our companies and suppliers in Mexico threatens to undermine that effort,” they said in a letter, sent by the National Association of Manufacturers of the United States (NAM).

“Tri-national cooperation will allow this plan to be based on scientific evidence and best practices shared by public health agencies in the three countries. Also, this collaborative exercise will serve as an antecedent to determine in Mexico the return of other non-essential economic activities. This joint effort will result in a common benefit for the three nations with a positive balance in public health and in the revival of the productive sectors,” said the Ministry of Economy.

Thus, the agency stated that Mexico, the United States and Canada are preparing to open up the activities of the North American automotive industry, which are restricted or stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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