Mexico succeeds in berries, from strawberries to blackberries

Mexico has been successful in its exports of berries, from strawberries and blackberries to blackberries and cranberry juice.

The Mexican foreign sales of the berry group totaled 399,142 tons from January to May 2021, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The breakdown of these berry exports was as follows only in May, the latest data available, with volumes in tons:

  • Frozen blueberry (3,419 t).
  • Fresh blueberry (10,547 t).
  • Raspberry, blackberry and frozen blackberry (2,049 t).
  • Processed blueberry (2 t).
  • Raspberry, blackberry and fresh blackberry (20,690 t).
  • Frozen strawberry (12,954 t).
  • Fresh strawberry (18,977 t)
  • Cranberry juice (50 t).
  • Processed strawberry (1,022 t).


External sales of Mexican agricultural products totaled 18,683 million dollars in 2020.

Among the most notable interannual increases in fruits were: grapefruit (19.1%), berries (18.4%), pineapple (12.7%), orange (11.7%), mango (5.6%), papaya (4.3%) and banana (1.0 percent).

In particular, of the little more than 8.3 million tons harvested of strawberries in the world, 7.8% originates from the strawberry fields of Mexico.

A third of the world’s strawberry production is obtained by Chinese farmers with a volume of up to 2 million 955 tons per year.

Berries, Mexico succeeds in berries, from strawberries to blackberries

The strawberry is small and has numerous leaves originating in a very short crown or rhizome that is at ground level and constitutes the growth base of the plant.

The flowers are white, organized in cymes and have a calyx of five split pieces, five rounded petals, numerous stamens and pistils.

Likewise, the strawberry is the result of the aggregation of many tiny dry carpels on a hypertrophied pulpy receptacle; It is red, with a sweet taste and characteristic aroma.

The collection is manual because it is highly sensitive; it must be harvested every three days and handled with great care.

Of the volume of fruit that is marketed in the world, 53.9% is fresh, 37.6% frozen and 8.5% processed.


Berries, Mexico succeeds in berries, from strawberries to blackberries

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