Mexico leads manufacturing exports in Latin America: Cepal


led manufacturing exports in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2019, both in value and in proportion to total exports by country, according to ECLAC data.

First, Mexico’s manufacturing exports were for 354,868 million dollars.

With this, they surpassed those of Brazil (74,145 million dollars), Argentina (10,967 million), Chile (9,742 million) and Colombia (8,316 million).

Second, Mexico’s manufacturing exports accounted for 76.9% of total Mexican foreign sales.

Thus, they were also above those of Brazil (33.4%), Argentina (17.4%), Chile (14.1%) and Colombia (22.1 percent).

Exports of primary and manufactured products and share of total exports, 2019 [A]

Exports of primary and manufactured products, and share of total exports, 2019 [A]

The figures for trade in services are disaggregated according to the main categories of the fifth Balance of Payments Manual of the International Monetary Fund.

Likewise, the data were compiled on the basis of the official foreign trade statistics of the respective countries registered in COMTRADE.

Furthermore, the criterion adopted to classify both primary and manufactured products corresponds to that used by the United Nations Statistics Division to present data on world foreign trade by economic region.

Manufacturing exports

To do this, the sections of the modified SITC are grouped as follows:

Primary products

It includes the total of the sections:

  • Food products and live animals.
  • Beverages and tobacco.
  • Inedible raw materials, except fuels.
  • Fuels and lubricants, minerals and related products.
  • Oils, fats and waxes of animal and vegetable origin.
  • Merchandise and operations not classified elsewhere in the SITC.

It also includes Chapter 68 called non-ferrous metals.

Manufactured products

It includes the total of the sections:

  • Chemical and related products, n.e.s.
  • Manufactured items, classified primarily by material (excluding Chapter 68, Nonferrous Metals).
  • Machinery and transport equipment.
  • Miscellaneous manufactured items.

In addition, to give a broader conception of the main export products of each country, the 10 most important have been selected according to the magnitude of their value.