Mexico has the highest consumption of soft drinks in the world

Mexico has the highest per capita consumption of soft drinks (carbonated beverages) in the world, about 148 liters per year, according to information from Canadean, referred to by Organización Cultiba.

The carbonated beverages segment already reached a total sales of approximately 14,960 million dollars in 2020, with a sales volume of 20,070 million liters.

Likewise, during the same year, the still beverages segment reached a total sales of approximately 6,960 million dollars, with a sales volume of 9,370 million liters.

Soft drinks

In particular, the isotonic drinks segment in Mexico is the largest in Latin America, with total sales greater than 552 million dollars and a sales volume that exceeded 426 million liters, both figures corresponding to 2020, according to the same source.

The sales volume in this segment registered a compound annual growth rate of 1.2% during the period from 2015 to 2020.

Mexico has one of the largest soft drink, non-carbonated beverages and jug industries in the world, with a market that exceeded 25.58 billion dollars in 2019.

As for the sale of jugs in Mexico, this exceeded 1,750 million dollars in 2020 and a sales volume of 23,700 million liters in 2020.

This is mainly due to the characteristics of Mexico, including the poor quality of tap water, population growth and income levels, which have resulted in a higher consumption of jugs of water.

The water jug ​​segment in Mexico has consolidated significantly, from small vendors and informal vendors to larger companies, with regional or national coverage and recognized brands.


Organization Cultiba is mainly dedicated to the beverage industry.

The company is licensed by Pepsi-Co Inc to produce, distribute and sell primarily the Pepsi Cola, Manzanita Sol, Mirinda, Kas, Gatorade, Lipton, Be Light, Mountain Dew and Seven Up trademarks of soft drinks.

Organization Cultiba also produces and distributes bottled water under the Trisoda, Santorini and Junghanns brands, among others.

In addition, the Company is involved in the production of cane sugar and molasses.

The company owns subsidiaries such as Geusa, Agroestevia, Geupec Administración, Ingenio Rosales, Embotelladora Valle de Oaxaca, among others.

On August 31, 2013, Cultiba incorporated Grupo Azucarero México (GAM) and Controladora de Negocios Azucareros (CONASA).


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