Mexico customs embargo orders fell 28% in 2020: SHCP

The embargo orders in Mexico’s customs registered a year-on-year decrease of 28% in 2020, to 832, reported the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

Regarding operations with value and origin risk, in 2020, 6,424 value analyzes were carried out, 32.9% more than in 2019.

At the same time, 832 seizure orders were issued, broken down as follows:

  • 733 for undervaluation.
  • 78 of tax domicile verifications
  • 21 for false or altered documentation and supplier not located or nonexistent.

The associated amount was 616.9 million pesos, 66.9% higher in real terms compared to 2019.

Embargo orders

In terms of seizures and seizures, in 2020, he highlighted the following:

1 million 84 thousand 260 pieces of cigars and cigars were insured.

With regard to drugs, 2,581.7 kilograms of cocaine were seized; 183.5 kilograms of heroin; 3,839.9 kilograms of cannabis; 879.8 kilograms and 131,475 psychotropic pills; 939.0 kilograms and 404 chemical precursor tablets; 354.5 kilograms and 20 fentanyl precursor patches; as well as an additional 72 kilograms of fentanyl, the product of an alert at the request of an external authority.

Of weapons, 393 firearms, 234 short arms and 159 long arms were seized; 364,836 cartridges; and 12.5 kilograms of explosives.

Regarding foreign exchange, 11.3 million dollars in cash were seized; $ 64.4 million in documents; 219.8 thousand Mexican pesos in cash; and 391.5 million pesos in documents.

78 million 317,021.1 liters of hydrocarbons were seized, including diesel, gasoline and gas condensate.

Seizure orders are a form of mandatory court orders issued by a judge or court that restrain any person from exchanging or disposing of the assets cited in the order until the resolution of the confiscation procedure.

Unlike seizure orders, seizure orders do not result in physical possession of the property.

As a customs office, it is the office of the Federal Public Administration in charge of applying the legislation related to customs regimes, as well as verifying compliance with the restrictions and regulations of foreign trade goods.



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