Mexico contacts 4 Chinese airlines for bilateral transport

The Mexican government has contacted four Chinese airlines to generate flights bilaterally.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, direct and indirect air connectivity between Mexico and China has been reduced, which is why Aeroméxico’s interest in establishing passenger and cargo flights between Mexico and China has been monitored. (Shanghai and Shenzhen).

To this end, the Mexican government has maintained contacts with Chinese airlines that may be interested in providing such services in the future and maintains communication with Hainan Airlines to evaluate the restoration of the Beijing-Mexico City flight.


In addition to maintaining contact with large Chinese airlines (Air China, China Southern, Sichuan Airlines, China Eastern), the Mexican Embassy in China carried out a report that analyzed 10 potential airports in China that could host connecting flights between Mexico and China.

Key elements that should be considered for the reactivation of binational air connectivity were also presented.


In 2020, the Chinese government relied on state control to contain the economic consequences of the pandemic, instructing banks to make loans to companies most affected by the virus and deploying the country’s financial system to absorb the impacts of the pandemic. .

While Beijing’s response has allowed for a rapid recovery of China’s economy, it has done so by strengthening the role of the state in managing economic activity and promoting policies similar to those that have led to poor credit allocation and an increase in credit. debt in the past.

According to a report by the US Coso, the Chinese government’s tenacious commitment to economic stability above all reinforces public expectations that it will always be there to rescue ailing banks or companies.

This implicit guarantee of government support helped local governments and businesses take on increasing amounts of credit after the 2008 crisis, raising current concerns about the stability of the financial system.