Mexico and US relaunch DEAN and announce mission in environmental technologies

Mexico and the United States agreed to relaunch the High Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN) and a trade mission to Mexico on environmental technologies.

In April 2019, Mexico proposed a Strategic Economic Dialogue mechanism to the United States, following the suspension of the DEAN since 2016.

The initiative was raised by Graciela Márquez, Secretary of the Economy, to Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce of the United States, during the U.S.-Mexico CEO Dialogue in Mérida, Yucatán.

Regarding economic cooperation, as part of the agreements signed in the recent visit to Mexico by the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, the two countries agreed to relaunch the DEAN, to be held in September of this year.

This fulfills the commitment of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and President Joe Biden to reactivate this key forum for the implementation of the USMCA and the promotion of investment in the region.

Previously, the DEAN was headed by then-Vice President Biden.

At the same time, in collaboration with the Government of Mexico, the Government of the United States announced a series of investments to promote the development of southern Mexico.

The objective is to generate 250 million dollars in new investments to strengthen value chains in the agricultural and ecotourism sectors in the south of the country.

In addition, the projects include loans to finance housing projects, as well as commercial and business missions.


The last meeting of the DEAN was held in Washington in July 2016, with the presence of those then present from the United States, Barack Obama, and Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, and in which strategic economic and commercial priorities of both were addressed. countries.

As an instrument of cooperation in regional priorities since its creation in 2013, the DEAN was co-chaired by the Vice President of the United States and the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico.

Under the DEAN, the two governments engaged in a wide range of economic and trade issues, including energy, modern borders, workforce development, entrepreneurship and innovation, regulatory cooperation, and regional and global leadership. .

Among the achievements of DEAN is the modernization of the shared border with an infrastructure such as Cross Border Xpress, a pedestrian walkway that connects San Diego and the Tijuana airport; the Brownsville Matamoros West Rail Bypass; the Tornillo-Guadalupe International Bridge, and the West Pedestrian Facility at the San Ysidro-El Chaparral Port of Entry.

This time, both delegations set additional actions to strengthen confidence and facilitate US investment in Mexico, particularly in the south of the country.

Infrastructure project proposals on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec stand out; a trade mission for environmental technologies, as well as projects for the construction of affordable housing and the strengthening of rural agricultural enterprises.


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