Mexican trucks crossing the US grow 2.2%

Mexican trucks that cross the United States, in the commercial zone, registered an increase of 2.2% year-on-year in 2019, to 27,803 units.

At the same time, the number of active carriers with a USDOT number providing that service was 4,944, an increase of 0.9%, according to the latest data available from the US Department of Transportation.

A Mexican trade zone carrier is a Mexico-domiciled carrier that has the authority to operate its trucks only within the border trade zones between the United States and Mexico in the United States.

Within that framework, carriers domiciled in the United States include carriers domiciled in the country’s 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the United States territories.

As part of the Department of Transportation, the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates all motor carriers operating in interstate commerce and certain requirements for motor carriers and commercial motor vehicles transporting in the United States. intrastate trade.

As of November 1, 2013, the FMCSA Unified Registration System (URS) rule requires all regulated entities to update their registration information every 24 months.

The Agency deactivates the USDOT number of any operator that does not comply with the biennial update requirement.


In addition, the Department of Transportation registered a total of 21,168 drivers with a Commercial Driver’s License who drive Mexican trucks, an annual increase of 0.7%.

Finally, the total number of drivers was 26,017, an increase of 2.3% compared to 2018.

The general practice today is that three truck carriers are used in trade between the two nations: one that takes the trailer to the border cities of a country, another that crosses the border (transfer or burrero) and another that travels across the border. second country.


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