Mexican Customs Issue 573 Seizure Orders

Mexican customs issued 573 embargo orders (270 for undervaluation and 303 address verifications) in 2021, which represented 31.1% less than the previous year, reported the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

Regarding operations with value and origin risk, during 2021, customs carried out 3,998 value analyses, 37.8% less than in 2020.

The associated amount was 228 million 680,000 pesos.

In order to combat corruption and increase security at customs and ports in Mexico, on December 7, 2020, the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration, the Law of Maritime Navigation and Commerce and the Law of Ports were modified to transfer some of the powers of the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, including the administration and surveillance of maritime and port security, to the Secretary of the Navy.


In terms of seizures and seizures, in 2021 the following stood out:

  • 349,632 pieces of cigarettes were seized in 630 seizures.
  • In relation to drugs, 2,836 kilograms of cocaine were seized; seven kilograms of heroin; 3,664 kilograms of cannabis; 1,423 kilograms and 68,601 psychotropic pills and 473 kilograms of chemical precursors and 3,863 pills.
  • 514 firearms, 354 short arms and 160 long arms were seized; as well as 157,799 cartridges and 3,990 kilograms of explosives.
  • 7 million 868,981 dollars in cash were seized; $5,913,970 in documents; 10 million 613,377 Mexican pesos in cash; as well as 653 million 021,225 pesos in documents.
  • 36 million 520 thousand 850 liters of hydrocarbons were also seized, including diesel, gasoline and gas condensate.

In July 2021, the Mexican government published the Decree creating the National Customs Agency of Mexico as a decentralized administrative body of the SHCP and separate from the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

The National Customs Agency may collect the contributions and benefits applicable to foreign trade operations and their accessories in accordance with the applicable legislation and in accordance with the international treaties to which Mexico is a party, when these powers must be exercised by the customs authorities. .

In addition, it will direct the customs and inspection services, in the terms provided by the applicable provisions; as well as carry out corresponding operations in terms of the applicable legal provisions, to verify the legal stay of merchandise in national territory and of merchandise in transport, including its verification of origin; seize or insure the goods whose legal stay in the country is not proven and protect them as a depositary.


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