Metaverse and tourism in South Korea

The South Korean government is using a metaverse-related platform to attract tourists, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

What does it aim to do? To attract the digitally-sensitive generation of the future and potential tourists to the nation, and to raise awareness of Korea as a safe destination.

As such, the country has been exploring the use of a new and innovative technology in tourism promotion: the metaverse platform.

The metaverse is a virtual space within the digital environment where users can work, play, socialize and travel.

Who is it aimed at? The Generation Z consumer, the so-called «digital natives» generation that grew up with smartphones and tablets.

South Korea has recreated the Han River Park in «Zepeto,» an augmented reality avatar gaming platform with more than 200 million players worldwide, to offer diverse digital travel experiences.


Players can enjoy water activities available on the Han River, such as yacht riding, water cab, tubester (a six-person tube boat) and kayaking.

There are also other popular experiences on the Han River for international tourists, such as visiting the night market and sampling fried chicken and Korean-style ramen on the riverbank.

Beyond in-game 3D virtual experiences, South Korea collaborated with K-pop idol ITZY to better promote Korea as a tourist destination among K-pop fans, hosted multiple cultural events and contests on the platform, and collaborated with digital influencers to pique the interest of future visitors.

Korea plans to further expand its digital landscape and recreate more popular tourist attractions, international meetings, incentives, conference and event platforms, and online travel agency marketplaces on metaverse platforms.

In addition, South Korea established the Korea Tourism Data Lab in 2021.

The Korea Tourism Data Lab is a platform that offers various convergence and macro tourism data analysis services.

This platform supports the operation of tourism businesses, local governments and the industry in general.


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