Mercado Libre: logistics network

Mercado Libre handled nearly $35 billion in merchandise and made the majority of deliveries through its own logistics network in 2022.

The company also processed more than $120 billion on its payments platform in 2022.

Mercado Libre was thus able to deliver against intense competition and a difficult macroeconomic backdrop, in the company’s own view.

Mercado Libre is one of the largest e-commerce and payments ecosystems in Latin America.

The Putnam Funds Trust believes that Mercado Libre offers continued growth potential along with what it believes are more than reasonable valuations.

Mercado Libre offers its users an ecosystem of six integrated e-commerce and digital financial services: the Mercado Libre Marketplace, the Mercado Pago Fintech platform, the Mercado Envios logistics service, the Mercado Ads solution, the Mercado Libre Classifieds service and the Mercado Shops online storefront solution.

In particular, the Mercado Envios logistics solution, currently available in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador, allows sellers on its platform to use third-party carriers and other logistics service providers, while providing them with fulfillment and warehousing services.

Mercado Libre

The logistics services that Mercado Libre offers are an integral part of its value proposition, as they reduce friction between buyers and sellers, and allow the company to have greater control over the entire user experience.

Sellers who opt for its logistics solutions can not only offer their buyers a seamless and seamlessly integrated shipping experience at competitive prices, but can also access shipping subsidies to offer free or discounted shipping on many of their sales on their Marketplaces.

The Mercado Libre Marketplace is a fully automated, theme-driven and user-friendly online commerce platform that can be accessed through its website and mobile app.

This platform allows the company (when acting as a seller in its first-party sales), merchants and individuals to list goods and make sales and purchases digitally.

The Marketplace has a broad assortment of products, with a wide range of categories such as consumer electronics, apparel and beauty, household goods, automotive accessories, toys, books and entertainment, and consumer packaged goods.


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