Mercado Libre increases its employees 48.9% in 2020

Mercado Libre reported that it registered a 48.9% year-on-year increase in the number of its employees in 2020.

With this, its workforce amounted to 5,201 employees, both in information technology and product development.

This was due to new hires and as a result of improvements in its ecosystem products, such as Mercado Envíos and its FinTech solution.

The company continually works to improve its Mercado Libre Marketplace and Mercado Pago websites so that they better serve the needs of its users and function more efficiently.

A significant part of its information technology resources is used for these purposes.

“The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the payments business had a positive effect on most of our online payment flows, which benefited from the same headwinds as our e-commerce business and more than offset the negative impact of the pandemic on our offline payment solutions,” the company said.

While developing most of its software technology in-house, the company  has six development centers in Argentina, where it concentrates most of its development efforts.

In addition, the company has other research and / or development centers in Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

Mercado Libre

The company is the largest online commerce ecosystem in Latin America based on unique visitors and page views.

The company is also present in 18 countries: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and El Salvador.

Both digitally and offline, its platform is designed to provide users with a complete portfolio of services to facilitate business transactions.

Indicators of the company

The company offers its users an ecosystem of six integrated e-commerce and digital payments services: Mercado Libre Marketplace, Mercado Pago FinTech platform, Mercado Envíos logistics service, Mercado Libre Ads solution, Mercado Libre Classifieds service and online shop windows Mercado Shops.


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