McDonald’s accounts for 3.8% of restaurant sales in the world

McDonald’s accounted for 3.8% of restaurant sales in the world in 2019, the latest year of information available, according to data from Euromonitor International referred by the company itself.

According to data from this market research company, the restaurant industry consisted of approximately 20 million establishments and generated $ 2.6 trillion in annual sales in 2019.

The McDonald’s Systemwide restaurant business represented 0.2% of those establishments and 3.8% of sales.

With this, the company increased its share of global sales within the restaurant business, from its 3.6% share in 2018.

McDonald’s restaurants compete with international, national, regional, and local retailers for traditional, fast-casual, and other food service competitors.

The company franchises and operates McDonald’s restaurants, which serve a locally relevant menu of food and beverages in 119 countries.

Of the company’s 39,198 restaurants at the end of 2020, 36,521 were franchised, which is 93% of McDonald’s restaurants.

The company competes in the quick service restaurant industry on the basis of price, convenience, service, experience, menu variety and product quality in a highly fragmented global restaurant industry.


In measuring the company’s competitive position, management reviews data compiled by Euromonitor International, a leading source of market data regarding the global restaurant industry.

McDonald’s measures itself using data from the casual dining segment (IEO), which includes the quick-service restaurant company’s core competencies.

The IEO segment includes the following restaurant categories defined by Euromonitor International: limited service restaurants (combining fast food establishments and 100% home delivery / take away providers), street stalls or kiosks, cafes, specialty cafes, coffee shops self-service and juice / smoothie bars.

The IEO segment excludes establishments that serve primarily alcoholic beverages and full-service restaurants that are not limited table service providers.

In addition, the global IEO segment was comprised of approximately 9 million points of sale and generated $ 1.2 trillion in annual sales in 2019, the most recent year for which data is available.

The 2019 McDonald’s Systemwide restaurant business accounted for 0.4% of those outlets and 8.4% of sales.