Mateo Diego-Fernández Andrade among the 10 referees of the MPIA

Mexican Mateo Diego-Fernández Andrade was chosen among the 10 arbitrators who will settle cases in the Interim Multiparty Appeal Arbitration Agreement (MPIA).

In a statement, the European Union explained that this alternative mechanism will work until the permanent Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is reconstituted.

The other referees are: Thomas Cottier, Locknie Hsu, Valerie Hughes, Alejandro Jara, José Alfredo Graça Lima, Claudia Orozco, Joost Pauwelyn, Penélope Ridings and Guohua Yang.

According to the MPIA, the group of arbitrators comprises persons of recognized authority, with proven experience in law, international trade and the WTO Agreements.

In a process that began in June this year, MPIA participants presented candidates, conducted interviews, and selected the 10 people who will act as arbitrators under the agreement.


In any WTO dispute between participants where one of the parties initiates an appeal against a report by the WTO panel, three members of the group are randomly selected to hear an appeal under the agreement.

Photo: AGON. Mateo Diego-Fernández Andrade .

The MPIA has been in effect since April 30, 2020. Today, the EU and 22 other WTO members are participants in this agreement with the WTO, which provides them with a functioning and independent two-tier dispute settlement system for disputes. among them.

It will apply until the WTO Appellate Body can function again.

The EU’s priority remains to resolve the current impasse in the WTO Appellate Body as part of broader WTO reform. This is all the more important now that the public health situation has reemphasized the need for a well-functioning, multilateral, rules-based global trading system.



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