Manufacturing: Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition offers health and wellness products to consumers in 95 markets, with manufacturing operations in the United States and China.

Its markets consist of countries and territories and its product placement is through a direct sales business model.

Primarily, the company‘s products fall into the weight management, sports nutrition and targeted nutrition categories.

Financial results of Herbalife Nutrition

The key component of its «seed-to-feed» strategy involves the high-quality manufacture of these ingredients into finished products, which are produced both in third-party factories and in its own manufacturing facilities.

As part of its long-term strategy, Herbalife Nutrition seeks to expand and increase its in-house manufacturing capabilities.

The company’s manufacturing facilities, known as Herbalife Innovation and Manufacturing Facilities (HIM), include HIM Lake Forest, HIM Winston-Salem, HIM Suzhou and HIM Nanjing.

In particular, HIM Winston-Salem is currently its largest manufacturing facility at approximately 800,000 square feet.

Together, the HIM manufacturing facilities produce approximately 51% of its internal nutrition products sold worldwide.

Also, self-manufacturing allows the company greater control to reduce the negative environmental impact of its operations and supply chain.


The company’s finished products are tested for labeling and microbiological purity, verifying that they meet food safety standards, conform to labeling and meet other quality standards.

For products manufactured in-house, the company conducts all testing in-house at its state-of-the-art, fully equipped quality control laboratories in the United States and China.

Herbalife Nutrition has two quality control laboratories in Southern California and Changsha, China, including a Center of Excellence in both locations.

In addition, it also has a Center of Excellence laboratory in Bangalore, India, and a quality control laboratory in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Suzhou, China, and Nanjing, China.

All of HIM’s quality control laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment and are supported by the testing and method development expertise of its scientists.

At HIM’s U.S. facilities, which manufacture products for the U.S. and most of its international markets, the company operates and complies with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and stringent Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) standards for foods, acidified foods and dietary supplements.


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