Maersk increases its Ebitda 44% in 2020

The shipping company Maersk reported this Wednesday that it registered a 44% growth in its Ebitda in 2020, to 8.226 million dollars.

“Continued focus on tight cost control, profitability and stronger rates led to increased Ebitda,” the company noted.

The Editda is an indicator that reflects the profit before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

In short, Maersk is an integrated container logistics company that connects and simplifies commerce, with a team of more than 80,000 employees operating in 130 countries.

With that capacity, the company reported revenue of $ 39.74 billion in 2020, a 2.2 percent year-on-year increase.

From Maesk’s point of view, the strong improvement was primarily driven by cost savings at Ocean, which focused on agile capacity deployment, lower fuel costs, and an increase in short-term freight rates.


Its Logistics and Services business improved EBITDA by 110%, supported by the optimization of margins in intermodal and higher profitability in the warehousing and distribution facilities in North America, mainly driven by acquisitions.

Specifically, Gateway terminals reported an 8.3% improvement in Ebitda despite a 3.6% drop in volume, as a result of lower costs.

The transformation to become the global integrator of container logistics accelerated in 2020 and all transformation metrics improved further.

The metrics relate to the growth of Maersk’s logistics business and improved infrastructure and logistics profits, while generating free cash flow to ensure a strong balance sheet and create shareholder value.

Maersk significantly improved free cash flow and generated a 16.6% cash return on invested capital, based on stronger cash flow from operations, lower gross CAPEX and slightly lower invested capital.

Infrastructure and logistics revenues (excluding freight transportation) increased to $ 9.4 billion, primarily due to increased revenues in logistics from warehousing and distribution.


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