Maersk highlights one of 235,000 female truck drivers in the US

Kemora Clark is one of 235,000 female truck drivers in the United States, traveling to Maersk in California.

She can be found most nights driving down the freeway to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

«Wind in her hair, a smile on her face and a steely approach to the road,» that’s how the Maersk shipping company describes her.

Maersk noted Clark’s work to mark International Women’s Day.

Female truck drivers in the United States comprise 6.6% of the total driver population.

For Clark, driving is a job she loves, but it’s not where she started her career.

A veteran of the United States Navy, Clark began her civilian professional life in a very different field: finance.

According to Maersk’s account, she spent 15 years as a bank branch manager.

But it was the financial crisis of 2008 that made him reassess her priorities and her career.

On the steering wheel

At the time, her partner was driving a truck and told him about the financial security and freedom her profession could bring him.

To Clark, who is always looking for her next adventure, she sounded like a great next step.

«After getting my license, I started as a long-haul driver, driving 53-foot trailers across the country,» she said.

“I loved the freedom. It’s a different pace of life and experiencing the cultural differences in the United States, the different climate, it was a great experience, ”she added.


But cross country driving can take its toll.

«I’m really a hometown girl, so sleeping in my own bed every night started to sound good,» she said.

Going home to Southern California and becoming a port driver was the solution. She joined the Performance Team in 2017, which was later acquired by Maersk in 2020 and the rest is history.

The company is the largest shipping company in the world and offers other logistics services.