Landec increases its sales of guacamole in the last two years

The American company Landec Corp reported that it has increased its sales of guacamole and other avocado products in its last two fiscal years.

What is a fiscal year? It is a 12-month period with which a company organizes and plans its fiscal calendar.

Thus, it is possible to carry out their respective tax obligations normally and plan the next fiscal year.

In the year ended May 30, 2021, Landec Corp registered sales of avocado products for 63.6 million dollars, more than in the year ended on that same date in 2020 (62.2 million) and much more than in the year corresponding to 2019 (27.3 million).

The company owns the Yucatan & Cabo Fresh Avocado Products brand, which Yucatan Foods acquired on December 1, 2018.

Yucatan Foods was founded in 1991. As part of the acquisition of Yucatan Foods, Curation Foods (a Landec Corp business) acquired the new production facility in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Thus, the Yucatan Foods business added a double-digit growth platform, lower-cost infrastructure in Mexico, and higher-margin product offerings that generally exhibit less sourcing volatility.

Landec manufactures and sells Yucatán and Cabo Fresh guacamole and avocado food products primarily to the US grocery channel, and also to US mass retail channels, Canadian grocery and foodservice retailers.


The increase in gross profit for the Healing Food business for fiscal year 2021, compared to fiscal year 2020, was primarily due to an increase in gross profit from avocado products, driven by the sale of products in fiscal year 2021 produced with lower cost avocados than those used for products sold in fiscal year 2020.

Headquartered in Santa Maria, California, Curation Foods’ core business is the processing, marketing and sale of salads and fresh plant-based packaged vegetables.

Curation Foods serves as the corporate umbrella for its proprietary BreatheWay packaging technology and for its portfolio of four natural food brands, including the company’s flagship and legacy Eat Smart brand, as well as its three most recently acquired natural food brands, O Olive. Oil & Productos Vinegar (“O”), and authentic guacamole and avocado Yucatan and Cabo Fresh products.

In case you don’t know: the name guacamole comes from the Nahuatl Ahuacamolli translated into Spanish, which is made up of the words Ahuacatl (avocado) + molli (mole or sauce).

The original recipe for guacamole is prepared with crushed avocados, lemon juice, tomato (tomato) and chili. Then onion, coriander and garlic were added. However, there are several variants of recipes to make guacamole, adding more spices and even seafood such as minced squid.

Company profile

Landec Corporation and its subsidiaries design, develop, manufacture and sell differentiated products for the food and biomaterials markets, and license technology applications to partners.

On the one hand, Landec’s natural foods company, Curation Foods, Inc. is focused on innovating and distributing plant-based foods with 100% clean ingredients to retail channels, clubs, and foodservice throughout North America.

Curation Foods can maximize product freshness through its geographically dispersed family of growers, chilled supply chain, and proprietary BreatheWay packaging technology.

Furthermore, Landec’s biomedical company, Lifecore Biomedical is a fully integrated contract manufacturing and development organization offering highly differentiated capabilities in the development, filling and finishing of sterile injectable pharmaceutical products in syringes and vials.

As a leading manufacturer of premium injectable grade hyaluronic acid, Lifecore brings 36 years of experience as a partner for global and emerging biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in multiple therapeutic categories to bring their innovations to market.