KISA markets mobile phones for the elderly

Australian health technology company KISA Pty Ltd markets mobile phones for the elderly and the disabled.

In general, Kosa sells mobile phones suitable for the elderly, people with physical disabilities or cognitive impairments, and parents of young children.

According to the UK government’s Department for International Trade, KISA will establish a global headquarters in London with the support of the British government.

Already these mobile phones are sold in Australia and are designed to make mobile technology accessible to those who have difficulty using conventional touch screen devices.

To install its headquarters in London, the company will invest more than 6.1 million pounds sterling, which will generate up to 25 new jobs in that city.

The KISA phone gives users more independence and peace of mind for caregivers and family members, with large touch buttons that display clear text or photos, loud audio, and built-in GPS tracking in case of emergencies.

Mobile phones

Sales of these KISA devices increased during the blockade in Australia and mobile phones became essential for remote communication with friends and family.

Since it was established in the UK, the company has already secured a mobile network agreement with Abzorb from the UK, one of the main business enablers of the US network.

One of the co-founders, Dmitry Levin, and CEO Alexander Millin began looking for opportunities to transfer KISA operations to the UK ahead of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Department for International Trade has been working with the firm to help ease the transition, providing guidance on setting up the company in the UK, conducting market research and offering key networking opportunities.

On this, Managing Director Alexander Millin said: “The support we received from the DIT team to help establish KISA in the UK was really very significant. The resources and knowledge made available to us eased the strain on our management team and helped us make the right decisions.

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