JB Hunt: tractor-trailer fleet in intermodal segment

JB Hunt Transport Services, Inc. operated a fleet of 5,944 company-owned tractor-trailers in its intermodal segment at the close of 2023, down 2.3% compared with 2022.

Also, the intermodal segment, called JBI, of this U.S. transportation and logistics company had 118,171 company-owned trailer rigs systemwide, up 2.6%, in the same comparison.

The fleet consists primarily of 53-foot high-cube containers and is designed to take advantage of double-stack intermodal economics and superior ride quality. 

JB Hunt owns and maintains its own chassis fleet, consisting of 100,825 units at the end of 2023, a year-over-year increase of 5.5 percent.

The containers and chassis are uniquely designed so that they can only be combined for optimal productivity, which the company believes creates an operational competitive advantage. 

JB Hunt

Its JBI segment’s transportation service offerings utilize agreements with most of the major North American rail carriers to provide intermodal freight solutions for its customers throughout the continental United States, Canada and Mexico

The JBI segment began operating in 1989, forming a unique partnership with what is now BNSF Railway Company (BNSF); this was a watershed event in the industry and the first agreement linking major rail and truckload carriers in a joint service environment. 

Over the next several years, JBI established multiple agreements with other Class I railroads. 

JBI relies on the intermodal services of these rail carriers for the underlying movement of its equipment between rail ramps. 

Intermodal transportation

Pickup and delivery (hauling) services at origin and destination are handled by JB Hunt-owned tractors for most of its intermodal loads, while third-party carriers are used when economical. By performing its own hauling services, the company is able to provide seamless, cost-competitive coordination of combined rail and hauling movements for its customers.

JBI also managed 7,567 drivers at year-end 2023, a decrease of 5.1%. and hired 436 trucks from independent contractors, 29.1% less compared to 2022. 

As of December 31, 2023, the total number of JBI employees was 8,756 (-5.1% year-over-year), and JBI segment revenue in 2023 was $6.21 billion, down 11.5% year-over-year.

The JBI segment includes cargo that is transported by rail for at least a portion of the movement and also includes certain repositioning truckload cargo moved by JBI equipment or outside carriers, when this over-the-road movement is intended to direct JBI equipment back to intermodal operations.


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