Italy led wine exports to the United States in 2020

Italy led wine exports to the United States in 2020, with shipments of $ 1.92 billion.

After France, Spain and Italy, the United States is the fourth largest wine producing nation in the world.

Other countries with notable wine exports to the US market were in that year: France (1.694 million dollars), New Zealand (489 million), Australia (316 million) and Spain (314 million).

In the United States, markets for luxury products in the wine industry are intensely competitive, according to Crimson Wine Group.

The same companies compete nationally and internationally with Premium wines produced in Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, as well as in the United States.

All that competition is based on quality, price, brand recognition, and distribution capabilities.

Consequently, the final consumer has many options for wines from national and international producers.

Measured by volume of wine, the United States is dominated by three large wine companies with production based primarily in California, representing approximately 50% of the volume of box sales in the United States.

Wine exports

In 2019, according to the European Commission, the wine industry experienced a significant increase in excess wine from previous vintages combined with a softening in consumption in most wine segments, particularly as spirits and the new categories take market share.

From South America, within wine exports to the United States, Argentina (252 million dollars) and Chile (224 million) also stood out.

In the United States, wine production began in the 16th century, when the French came to Florida and found grapes there. Its great production began in the seventeenth century in New Mexico and today all 50 states produce wine.

Many native rapeseed species can be found in North America; However, American wine production has its roots in the cultivation of European Vitis vinifera, which European settlers brought into the country.