Israel leads in R&D in the OECD and stands out in EUREKA

Israel is an active participant in the EUREKA Network, Europe’s leading platform for entrepreneurs and research and development (R&D) industries.

Namely: EUREKA is a public intergovernmental network that supports R&D-based companies and institutions through funding and partner search services.

The high-tech sector in Israel includes industrial sectors such as the electronics, pharmaceutical and aeronautical sectors, as well as software and R&D.

Employment in the high-tech industry increased rapidly and the sector’s share of GDP has grown and contributed to the development of the economy in recent decades.

These developments have also benefited exports, half of which are high-tech goods and services.

Every year, EUREKA supports more than 300 collaborative projects in a variety of industries, for a total of more than 1.2 billion euros.

Projects can be launched in a variety of industrial fields and technology areas.

In July 2010, Israel became president of the EUREKA Network for one year.

EUREKA’s Israeli chairmanship leveraged local technology best practices to focus on promoting a culture of innovation and developing new sources of funding for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and research institutions at the national and global level.


Israel is among the most active participants in this network; Of the member and partner countries, Israeli companies have partnered in more than 10% of all projects.

For context: in 2018 (the most recent year for which civil R&D data is currently available), national R&D spending reached approximately 4.8% of GDP, which is the highest level of spending on R&D as a percentage of GDP in the OECD.

Israel participates in more than 50 international and binational industrial R&D joint ventures, including with the United States (e.g., BIRD, BARD, USISTC, Florida, New York, California), the European Union (e.g., EUREKA, Eurostars, Galileo, Enterprise Europe Network), Canada, India, Australia, Germany, China, France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece, Singapore, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands , Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.


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