Iochpe-Maxion: the world’s largest steel wheel producer 

Iochpe-Maxion is the largest producer of steel wheels for light and heavy vehicles in the world.This Brazilian company uses market data and information provided by consulting firms specialized in the global automotive market, as well as internal studies of the commercial areas of its divisions. According to these studies, for the global wheel market, Iochpe-Maxion believes it will achieve first place in the production of steel wheels for light and heavy vehicles in 2023, with 17% and 19% market share, respectively. For the aluminum wheels market, its market share is 4%, in ninth place globally. 


The company has a concentrated group of suppliers, as it purchases its raw materials directly from the main manufacturers in the regions in which it operates. The company’s main suppliers of flat steel are:

Its main aluminum ingot suppliers are: 

  • EGA. 
  • Alba.
  • Hydro. 
  • CBA. 


Also according to market research, Iochpe-Maxion estimates that it had 61 percent and 34 percent market share in the spar and chassis market, respectively, in South America in 2023. Considering the North American market in the same period, the company’s share of the spar market was 49 percent. Iochpe-Maxion supplies products to major automotive, agricultural and industrial equipment manufacturers. The company operates its business through two divisions: Maxion Wheels and Maxion Structural Components. Maxion Wheels: present in 14 countries and 4 continents, it produces and markets a wide range of steel wheels for light vehicles, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and aluminum wheels for light vehicles. Maxion Structural Components: present in 4 countries in the Americas, produces beams, cross members and assembled chassis for commercial vehicles and structural assemblies for light and commercial vehicles. In addition, through AmstedMaxion (affiliate), the company produces railroad wheels and castings, industrial castings and freight cars.