Internet users to reach 66% of the world’s population

Internet users as a percentage of the world’s population will be 66% by 2023, up from 51% in 2018, according to Cisco‘s Annual Internet Report.

Worldwide Internet traffic has grown rapidly in recent years, driven by increasing user numbers, growing user mobility, and bandwidth-intensive applications such as video, audio, cloud-based applications, online gaming, and social networking.

In addition, it is estimated that there will be 3.6 networked devices per capita connected to IP networks in 2023, up from 2.4 networked devices per capita in 2018.

Wired networking solutions have traditionally been used to address the growing bandwidth needs of consumers and businesses.

However, Ubiquiti notes that high upfront capital requirements and ongoing operational costs, as well as the long time-to-market associated with building and installing wired network infrastructure, have largely limited the widespread deployment of these networks in underserved and underpenetrated markets.

Wireless networks have emerged as an attractive alternative to meet the broadband access needs of underserved and underpenetrated markets in both emerging and developed countries.

Internet users

Ubiquiti was founded by Robert Pera in 2005. The company equips and provides related software platforms worldwide through a network of more than 100 distributors, online retailers and directly to customers through its web stores.

Ubiquiti devices play a role in building network infrastructures in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Its professional networking products are powered by its UISP and UniFi OS software platforms to provide high-capacity distributed Internet access and unified IT management, respectively.

The company also develops technology platforms for distributed high-capacity Internet access, unified information technology and consumer electronics for professional, home and personal use.

Ubiquiti classifies its solutions into three main categories: high-performance networking technology for enterprises, service providers and consumers.


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