Intel has 10 production plants and builds 4 more

Intel operates 10 manufacturing sites globally and is currently building four more, as well as exploring additional sites.

Above all, its wafer manufacturing takes place in the United States.

As of its fiscal year 2021, Intel had 10 manufacturing sites: six are wafer manufacturing and four are assembly/test facilities.

The manufacturing facility is used primarily for the manufacturing, assembly, and testing of silicon wafers for Intel platform products.

The company operates a network of manufacturing facilities integrated as a single factory to provide the most flexible supply capacity, enabling it to better analyze its production costs and adapt to changing capacity needs.

Its new process technologies are transferred identically from a central development factory to each manufacturing facility.

After the transfer, the factory network and development factory collaborate to continue to drive operational improvements.

This allows for fast ramping of operation, fast learning and quality control.

Now the company is expanding manufacturing capacity at various sites, including Arizona, Ireland, Israel and Oregon.

To accelerate its IDM 2.0 strategy, the company announced plans to invest $20 billion to build two new factories in Arizona, which we broke ground in September, and recently announced plans to invest more than $20 billion to build two new state-of-the-art facility in Ohio, while actively seeking additional manufacturing locations in Europe.


The company’s plans include using a «smart capital» strategy in which it focuses first on aggressively building fab shells, which are the smallest portion of a fab’s total cost but have the longest lead time. , giving you flexibility in how and when you bring additional capacity and tools online.

Intel also announced a total investment of approximately $10.5 billion to equip its Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and Malaysia sites for advanced packaging manufacturing.

Its global supply chain supports internal partners in architecture, product design, technology development, manufacturing and operations, sales and marketing, and business units, and its supply ecosystem comprises thousands of suppliers around the world.


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