INA: UAW strike in 38 auto parts distribution centers will not affect its members

The National Auto Parts Industry (INA) informed this Friday that the strike by the United Auto Workers (UAW) at 38 parts distribution centers in the United States will not affect its members.

The UAW announced the extension of the strike to 38 General Motors and Stellantis parts distribution centers located in 20 states in the United States.

This is in addition to the existing work stoppage at Ford (Wayne, Michigan), Stellantis (Toledo, Ohio) and General Motors (Wentzville, Missouri) vehicle assembly plants.

From INA’s perspective, this new determination by the union will have a marginal effect on Mexico in the short term, since auto parts exports to the United States are mainly focused on the automotive terminal industry and not on the aftermarket.

Therefore, this update does not modify INA’s estimate regarding the effect of the strike, so domestic auto parts production could show an additional decrease of approximately US$76 million during the next week, which still represents a minimal percentage of Mexican auto parts exports to the United States.


Finally, INA noted that on September 19, the Canadian automotive union Unifor, which represents approximately 18,000 Canadian autoworkers, successfully concluded contract negotiations with the three automakers currently involved in negotiations with the UAW union in the United States, which will contribute to strengthening the labor stability and productivity of the automotive industry in North America.

INA will continue to follow up on this issue and will provide new information as new events occur.


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