In Mexico there are 443,030 influencers

Mexico ranks third in Latin America with a total of 443,030 influencers, indicates a report from the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Mexican influencers are divided into three categories: celebrities (actors, singers, athletes); Professionals (internet natives) with good reputations, loyal fan communities and commitment; and citizens who influence their local or regional communities.

This group is mainly made up of teenagers, housewives, and hobbyists.

Several brands have decided to focus their efforts on nano influencers (accounts with less than 100,000 followers).

They reason that these accounts have greater potential to reach niche markets and their content generates more credibility than celebrities.

According to the USDA, electronic commerce will continue to grow in Mexico in the coming years, as it has become a reliable alternative for consumers to make their purchases and offers an additional distribution channel for US companies.


According to the USDA report, it is important to have a good social media strategy to advertise the brand and the products and their attributes.

If someone decides on an influencer marketing campaign, it is recommended that they work with a specialized agency to choose the influencer that best suits the brand’s values.

Mexico has a total of 100 million active profiles on social networks.

The average number of browsing hours increased from 8.4 in 2019 to 9.01 in 2020.

The preferred communication device is the smartphone, since 91.8% of the Mexican population owns one, followed by computers, tablets, Smart TVs and video game consoles.

The preferred social media platforms in Mexico are YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

Social networks play an important role in the purchase decision.

Mexican consumers use social media to access information about brands, product reviews, and opinions of other consumers.

Facebook is one of the preferred social media platforms, according to a study by Lab México, Facebook ads influence 63% of consumers in their purchase decisions and 56% click on publications that redirect them to online stores.


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