Imports from Mexico down 26.1% in July

Imports from Mexico presented a year-on-year decrease of 26.1% in July, to 29,863.7 million dollars, informed Inegi.

This figure was a reflection of decreases of 24.1% in non-oil imports and 44.4% in oil imports.

When considering Mexico’s imports by type of good, annual decreases of 39.3% were observed in imports of consumer goods, 25% in those of intermediate-use goods and 15.9% in capital goods.

With series adjusted for seasonality, total imports showed a monthly increase of 3.19%, which originated from increases of 1.60% in non-oil imports and 26.33% in oil imports.

By type of good, there were monthly advances of 12.97% in imports of consumer goods, 2.02% in those of intermediate-use goods and 2.67% in those of capital goods.

Imports from Mexico

In the January-July period of this year, the value of total imports was 210,258 million dollars, an amount lower by 20.5% than that observed in the same period of 2019.

Within Mexico, non-oil imports from Mexico fell at an annual rate of 18.5% and oil companies did so by 37 percent.

In July, imports of consumer goods totaled 3.199 million dollars, a figure that translated into an annual decrease of 39.3 percent. This rate was the result of reductions of 35% in imports of non-oil consumer goods and of 49.9% in those of oil consumer goods (gasoline and butane gas and propane).

On the other hand, intermediate-use goods were imported for a value of 23,781 million dollars, a level 25% lower than that reported in July 2019. In turn, this rate originated from annual decreases of 23.6% in imports of goods non-oil intermediate use products and 41% in oil intermediate use products.

Regarding imports of capital goods, in the reference month they obtained 2,883 million dollars, which implied an annual decline of 15.9 percent.

The structure of the value of imports from Mexico in the first seven months of this year was as follows: intermediate-use goods 79.1%, consumer goods 11.8% and capital goods 9.1 percent


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