IMMEX is published that can make temporary imports

The Ministry of Economy published the list of IMMEX companies that can make temporary imports and transfers of sensitive goods.

The list of companies with the Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry Program (IMMEX) is updated to the first week of August 2020.

At the end of 2006, the Ministry of Economy implemented the IMMEX, with which the economic units that meet the requirements to take advantage of the prerogatives it offers, obtain authorization to develop, transform or repair temporarily imported goods with the purpose of carrying out a subsequent export and/or allocate them to the national market.

IMMEX was created in order to promote the competitiveness of the export sector.

IMMEX companies under this program can temporarily import a series of inputs (such as raw materials, parts and components; fuels, lubricants and other materials; containers and packaging; labels and brochures; machinery, equipment and tools, and containers) for which They benefit from a tariff exemption and the possibility of obtaining a VAT and / or IEPS tax credit and, where appropriate, anti-dumping or countervailing duties.

These are some of the authorized IMMEX:

  • Abb Mexico.
  • Accel Comercial.
  • Audi Mexico.
  • Autoliv Mexico.
  • Bmw from Mexico.
  • Bombardier Transportation Mexico.
  • Brp Mexico.
  • Canel’s.
  • Celestica de Mexicali.
  • Continental Automotive Mexicana.
  • Dense Mexico.
  • Eaton Controls.
  • Electrolux of Mexico.
  • Ferromex del Norte.
  • Flextronics Technologies Mexico.
  • Ford Motor Company.
  • Foxconn Baja California.
  • GM Manufacturing.
  • Goodyear-Slp.
  • Honda of Mexico.
  • Honeywell Aerospace de México.
  • IBM de Mexico Marketing and Services.
  • Industrias Martinrea de México.
  • Jabil Circuit de Chihuahua.
  • Kaltex Fibers.
  • Katcon.
  • Kenworth Mexican.
  • Kia Motors Mexico.
  • Mexican Kyocera.
  • Lear Corporation Mexico.
  • Lenovo Technology Center.
  • Lg Electronics Monterrey Mexico.
  • M3.
  • Magna Asientos de Allende.
  • Mazda Motor Manufacturing de México.
  • Meritor Manufacturing de México.
  • Metalsa.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Automotive de México.
  • John Deere Engines.
  • Nemak Mexico.
  • Nippon Steel & Sumikin Pipe Mexico.
  • Nissan Trading Corporation Americas.
  • Panasonic Industrial Devices Mexican.
  • Pirelli Tires.
  • Gossamer.
  • Robert Bosch Mexico Automotive Systems.
  • Samsung Mexican.
  • Saint-Gobain Merit.
  • Sanmina-Sci from Mexico.
  • Ternium Mexico.
  • Toyota Motor of Mexico.
  • Truper.
  • Volkswagen of Mexico.
  • Whirlpool International.