How Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Help Arthritis Pain?

CBD vape juice and oil have become quite popular in recent times. The reason for this is the wide range of health benefits that it provides. These products offer a lot, from relaxing one’s mind to relief from severe diseases like Arthritis. The term ‘Full Spectrum CBD’ often associates itself with this product. So, it mainly means that the product contains all the important compounds of the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is the one from which the main ingredient for these products is extracted. These are also known as hemp plants.

Compounds of the Cannabis plant

These plants have the following main compounds.

Cannabinoids: These compounds are more than 100 in numbers in this plant. It includes THC and CBD. These compounds provide psychoactive and therapeutic properties to the plant. There are CBD Edibles, CBD topicals and more which deliver calming effects and are popular among the health supplements.

Flavonoids: They provide neuroprotective properties to the plant. These compounds also provide therapeutic properties to the plant. In addition, they also contain anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. These are around 20 in number.

Terpenes: There are more than 150 terpene compounds in the cannabis plant. It also has therapeutic properties. In addition, it adds fragrance to the products.

Hence, a full-spectrum oil contains all the above compounds in small quantities.

Benefits of full spectrum CBD oil in Arthritis

Arthritis leads to severe inflammation in the joint areas. The main reason behind such inflammation is the damage caused to the tissues in the joint. This inflammation is a protective response against such damage. Further, in the case of Arthritis, the pain and inflammation worsen with time. It also results in swelling of the muscles around the affected area. This further adds to the problem.

When this full spectrum oil is applied to the affected area, it provides an anti-inflammatory effect to the affected region. Thus, it helps in reducing severe inflammation and pain. The Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Network suggests using this oil for rheumatoid arthritis. Apart from the oil, one can also use these products in the form of capsules. Alternatively, one may apply them as creams or lotions.

How it reduces pain

Broadly, two mechanisms explain how this oil reduces pain. The first mechanism advocates that it acts as a painkiller. It says that the oil interacts with the nerves and does not allow them to feel the pain.

The other mechanism that explains this process is that it limits the production of inflammatory cells. This, as a result, reduces inflammation. In addition, it also helps in the production of cells that suppress inflammation.

Method of using this oil

One should start with taking this oil sublingually. This means taking a few drops of the oil under the tongue and holding it for a few seconds. One should do this twice a day. In this process, the oil enters directly into the sublingual gland. This allows it to mix in the bloodstream quickly. The blood absorbs the oil at a faster rate than food items containing this product. This is because it has a higher bioavailability than such food products.

The creams from these products may act as a supplement to such oils. These creams respond to the receptors of pain and do not allow the brain to feel the pain. One should start with little doses at first. Then, the dose should be increased gradually. One should stop increasing the dose further once the desired limit is achieved.

Points one should keep in mind.

These oils generally do not have any side effects. However, one may experience mild symptoms of headache and drowsiness.

Further, one should know that these products are legal now. The Farm Bill, 2018, made the production of these products legal. However, it is important as per the bill that the products do not contain more than 0.3% THC. Be sure to be aware about every little query such as can vaping cause kidney stones etc.

From the above discussion, it is clear that these oils can be of great relief for severe pains of arthritis.

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