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How can we ask for a loan and how can we put it to good use?

There are times when we need extra money, a loan urgently, for things that we did not have, such as a breakdown in our vehicle or something to fix in our home, a pipe or an appliance, such as the washing machine.

It may be that we also want to do a master’s or postgraduate degree or even invest in the business base that we have in mind. To get that extra money we need to ask for a loan and put it to good use to get what we want with that extra money that we can get by doing this. But, most importantly, what is the process for us to have an express loan online?

Steps to follow for the application

First of all, we must choose where we want to make the online credit application, go to the company’s website and access the registration section. Once we click on it, we must follow the registration procedure. In this we will be asked for some necessary information so that they can give us the loan we want to request; Among those data that we must provide, are the name and surname and a valid email address.

This is important since the company from which we are going to request the express loan reviews our credit history and your query is recorded in the history.


Hay veces en las que necesitamos un dinero extra, un préstamo de forma urgente, para cosas con las que no contábamos, como una avería en nuestro vehículo o algo que arreglar en nuestro hogar, alguna tubería o algún electrodoméstico, como la lavadora.
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This is not a problem if we only request a loan from a company. But if we make multiple credit requests to different companies, it can negatively influence our credit history, since the first company does not see any record, the second sees the record of the first, the third sees the record of the first and the second companies, and so on.

This can be interpreted by the companies with which we have made different loan requests because we are desperate to get money and, having several loans requested, reduces our ability to pay the loans and, this, this type of companies is not interested because they are not they are sure that we can repay the amount of money loaned by them.

What allows us to know when a company reviews the request we made for a loan?

When filling out a loan request, the company will want to know our credit bureau history with the data that we have provided in the completed application.

Among the data that this type of company will ask us to find:

  • Personal information: Our full name, RFC and some address
  • Information about credit cards: In the event that we have an active one, we must provide the last 4 numbers of the same
  • Information on mortgage loans: If we have any assets or that we have finished paying less than 2 years ago
  • And information on automotive loans: If we have or have had any credit of this type in the last two years

Now that you know how to do it, ask for the express loan you need to achieve your goal!


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