Honda discontinues Fit, Civic coupe and manual Accord

Honda reported that it will discontinue Fit, Civic coupe and six-speed manual Accord, due to lower demand in the markets.

All of those models will be discontinued after the 2020 model year.

The HR-V subcompact crossover will keep its momentum, as will the lower versions of the Civic.

Globally, the company produces and markets motorcycles and automobiles and has financial services business operations.

The Civic will be redesigned for the 2022 model year, and the Accord is slated for a mid-cycle renovation by 2021. Similarly, the HR-V is nearing the end of its lifecycle, with the first generation introduced for 2016. .

The company’s plant in Guanajuato produces FIT and HR-V, which enjoys greater acceptance in the region.

At least until mid-June, according to the company itself, among its main technological achievements was the launch in February 2020 of the new FIT compact car model.

The new FIT offers four dimensions of comfort:

“Comfortable view” that provides tranquility to its occupants; “seat comfort” of the front and rear seats, making even long driving less stressful for all occupants; “ride comfort” achieved by Honda’s original e: HEV hybrid system, which is fitted to the compact car for the first time; and “usability,” which allows for comfortable mobility for all occupants, featuring multiple storage spaces based on serious considerations of how occupants see things and move within the vehicle, and sufficient cargo space capacity.

The new FIT became the first model sold in Japan equipped with the Honda CONNECT on-board communication module developed exclusively for Honda vehicles, and Honda started Honda Total Care Premium, a connected service that improves customer comfort and peace of mind in Your everyday life with cars.

Honda Total Care Premium is an evolution of the Honda Total Care Emergency Support Center, which provides secure service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Honda and the regional market

Total demand from the auto industry in the United States, the main market in North America, remained basically unchanged from the previous year at approximately 17,270 thousand units in calendar year 2018.

This result reflected a continuous increase in light trucks, which offset the decrease in demand for passenger cars.

The company’s consolidated unit sales in North America increased 2.7% from the prior fiscal year to 1 million 954,000 units in fiscal year 2019.

This increase was mainly due to the effect of a complete change in the Insight model and an increase in sales of the CR-Model V, despite supply restrictions caused by the impact of the floods in Mexico.

The company manufactured 1 million 802,000 units in fiscal year 2019, a 3.4% decrease from the previous fiscal year, primarily reflecting the impact of flooding in Mexico.



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