HLED: Mexico to host 2nd Annual Meeting

On Monday, September 12, the 2nd Meeting of the High Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) between Mexico and the United States will be held at the facilities of the Ministry of Economy in Mexico City.

This meeting will be chaired by the Secretary of Economy (SE) of Mexico and the Secretary of Commerce of the United States (USDOC).

In addition, the Secretary of Finance, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, as well as the U.S. Secretary of State and the U.S. Deputy Trade Representative will participate as coordinators of the mechanism.

The Mexican ambassador to the United States and the U.S. ambassador to Mexico will also participate.


This event is a follow-up to the launch meeting of this Economic Dialogue, held in September of last year in Washington, D.C.

The objective of the meeting will be to evaluate the progress of the strategic economic and trade priorities that both governments have agreed upon to promote regional economic development, the reduction of poverty and inequalities among our populations.

As part of the agenda, the authorities of both nations will meet with relevant actors that are part of the different bilateral projects of the HLED, with the objective of strengthening cooperation within the framework of this mechanism.

“Mexico and the United States are partners, friends and allies, and we maintain a deep and integrated trade and investment relationship for the benefit of our peoples,” said the Ministry of Economy in a statement.


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