Hewlett Packard invests $ 1.9 billion in research and development

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company reported that it invested $ 1.9 billion in research and development in 2020.

Comparatively, the company invested in this same item 1.8 billion dollars in fiscal year 2019 and 1.7 billion in fiscal year 2018.

Hewlett Packard anticipates that it will continue to spend significant R&D expenditures in the future to support the design and development of innovative, high-quality products, services and solutions to maintain and enhance its competitive position.

The company’s research and development efforts are focused on designing and developing products, services, and solutions that anticipate the changing needs and wants of customers and emerging technology trends.

Your efforts are also focused on identifying the areas where you believe you can make a unique contribution and where partnering with other leading technology companies will enhance your cost structure and maximize your customer experiences.

Hewlett Packard

Within the R&D work that is currently being carried out in the company are the following initiatives:

At Computo, the company is developing high-quality next-generation computing solutions (servers, attached server options, and software) that integrate the latest industry technology, which together with HPE innovations are aligned with its customers’ requirements. .

At HPC and MCS, Hewlett Packard is investing in high-performance computing, storage and networking systems for the most demanding workloads from edge to core.

According to the company, investment in technologies in high-performance networking, memory-driven computing, and high-performance storage and data management underpin its differentiated offerings.

It also invests significantly in software, including cloud-native developer and highly scalable cluster operating environments, application and performance capabilities, and high-availability solutions.

HPC & MCS is also home to an applied research group where it invests in long-term disruptive R&D, such as silicon photonics, creating a line of technologies for future offerings.


In the area of ​​storage data management, Hewlett Packard is investing in new technologies to address demand in mature and emerging markets.

Its comprehensive local scalable infrastructure including an industry first 100% guarantee offering is being creatively expanded with an all-inclusive as a service offering from HPE Greenlake.

The company continues to leverage edge-to-core data pipelines with embedded artificial intelligence built at scale and providing deep learning analytics in its entirety.

At Intelligent Edge, Hewlett Packard is shifting a significant investment to a “cloud-first” innovation model for end-to-end management of the wireless, switching and software-defined (“SD-Branch”) branch with the Edge services platform cloud native (“ESP”).

Another key investment priority is artificial intelligence-based network operations for end-to-end optimization of network performance and user experience, combined with protection of network edge infrastructure by segmenting network traffic. Internet of Things (“IoT”) users with a policy-based dynamic context.


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