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Hasbro and Mattel lead US toy market

The two largest US toy companies, Hasbro and Mattel, collectively own a dominant share of the US toy market, according to JAKKS Pacific.

In addition, hundreds of smaller companies compete in the design and development of new toys, the licensing of characters and products, and the improvement, expansion and reintroduction of previously established products and product lines.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, JAKKS Pacific is a multi-brand company that, since 1995, designs, develops, produces and markets toys, entertainment products and writing instruments for children and adults around the world.


Also, according to the Toy Association, the leading trade group in the toy industry, the United States is the world’s largest toy market, followed by China, Japan and Western Europe.

Total retail sales of toys, excluding video games, in the United States were approximately $ 25.1 billion in 2020.

In particular, Hasbro is a world leader in the development, design, sale and marketing of toys, games and entertainment offerings, and operates in a highly competitive business environment.

Hasbro says it competes with several large toy and game companies in its product categories, as well as many smaller US and international designers, manufacturers, and marketers of toys and games.

It also competes with other companies that offer film and television content and branded entertainment specifically for children and their families.


Given the ease of entering Hasbro’s business, Hasbro sees its core competition as coming from content providers and toy and game companies that are creating entertainment experiences that compete with their brand-driven storytelling and product experiences. for consumer care and spending.

From Hasbro’s approach, companies that create engaging content can easily translate that content into a full range of product offerings.

Above all, the competition is primarily based on satisfying consumers’ entertainment preferences and the quality and gaming value of their products and experiences.

To a lesser extent, competition is also based on the price of the products.

For its part, JAKKS Pacific believes that the ongoing consolidation of toy companies provides it with greater growth opportunities due to retailers’ desire not to be entirely dependent on a few dominant toy companies.

Also the concentration of retailers allows you to ship products, manage account relationships and track point of sale information more effectively and efficiently.

JAKKS Pacific is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of toys and consumer products sold worldwide.

Popular JAKKS Pacific proprietary brands include Perfectly Cute, X-Power, Disguise, Moose Mountain, Maui, Kids Only !; a wide range of entertainment-inspired products with premier licensed properties; and C’est Moi, a new generation of clean beauty.


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