Grupo Televisa’s main competitors in content

Televisa has among its main content competitors the television stations TV Azteca and Imagen Televisión.

Although more broadly, Televisa television stations compete in the sale of advertising and in the acquisition of services of personnel with recognized talent and capacity, with other television stations in their respective markets, as well as with other media that sell advertising, such as restricted television networks, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, cable television, and multi-channel, multi-point television systems, free-to-air content providers (OTTs), websites and DTH Services.

The company’s content also competes with other forms of entertainment and activities.

In general terms, considering its main competitors, Televisa faces 308 stations throughout the country, including the stations of TV Azteca, which owns and operates channels 7 and 1 (before 13) in the City of Mexico, which Televisa estimates are affiliated with 177 repeater stations outside of Mexico City, respectively. Additionally, TV Azteca is the holder of a concession, Channel 40 or ADN 40.

Main competitors

Additionally, there are other channels in Mexico with which the company competes, including channel 11, which has 15 repeaters, and channel 22, which has 25 repeater stations in Mexico, which are operated by the Mexican government, as well as Imagen Televisión. which operates as a broadcasting concessionaire on a national digital network.

Televisa is one of the leading providers of Spanish-language programming in the United States and the rest of the world, so it faces competition from other producers of television programs in Spanish, English, and other types of programs.

Likewise, the main business of the company is that of a holding company, as well as the sale of advertising.

However, its subsidiaries are primarily engaged in the entertainment industry, particularly in the production and transmission of television programs, programming for restricted television, the international distribution of television programs through programming licenses, the provision of cable television and telecommunications services, the development and operation of DTH Services, the publication and distribution of magazines, the operation of a horizontal Internet portal in Spanish, professional sports and live entertainment, production and distribution of films, games and sweepstakes, and other businesses.