Grupo Televisa operates 18 casinos in 13 states of Mexico

Mexican media company Grupo Televisa operates 18 casinos in 13 Mexican states.

In 2006, the company launched its former gaming business under the «Play City» brand, which consists of casinos and an online gaming site.

Play City offers its customers slot machines, bingo, electronic roulette and other table and gambling games, and some of its locations have restaurants and bars.

Play City also has a multilevel loyalty plan with more than 215,000 active accounts as of December 31, 2023. 

All of Play City’s casino rooms are in premium locations within or adjacent to high-value shopping malls.

Grupo Televisa

Due to the global pandemic, casinos have opened and closed intermittently, as directed by the relevant authorities. 

According to Grupo Televisa’s permit, the company was limited to open more casinos until May 2021. 

Grupo Televisa has requested an extension of its permit from the Mexican Ministry of the Interior, which is still pending to be resolved. 

In 2017, the company launched its online sports betting site. The casinos and online sports betting site are operated under the Gaming Permit obtained from Mexico‘s Ministry of the Interior to establish, among other things, up to 45 casinos and number draws throughout Mexico.

Its principal competitors in the gaming industry are, with respect to casinos, Codere, Grupo Caliente, Grupo Cirsa, Grupo Logrand and Palacio de los Números. It also faces competition from several illegal casinos and bingo halls throughout Mexico.

In addition, during 2007 it launched Multijuegos, an online lottery with access to a nationwide network of approximately 17,961 points of sale through electronic terminals, including point-of-sale terminals in OXXO stores.

But in 2017, Grupo Televisa decided to initiate an internal process to close Multijuegos, and in December of that year it obtained an authorization from the Mexican Ministry of the Interior to suspend such business operations.

The gaming industry is characterized by an increasingly high degree of competition among a large number of participants, including riverboat casinos, waterfront casinos, physical casinos, video lotteries, sweepstakes and non-casino poker machines, among others. 


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