Grupo Televisa: competition and new technologies

Grupo Televisa noted that its subsidiaries Cablevisión, Cablemás, TVI, Cablecom, Telecable and FTTH face intense competition from various media, Internet, OTT, cable, pay-TV and telecommunications companies throughout Mexico.

This parent company is the largest shareholder of TelevisaUnivision, a leading media company that produces, creates, and distributes Spanish-language content through various broadcast channels in Mexico, the United States, and more than 50 countries.

In general, the telecommunications industry in Mexico has become highly competitive.

As new technologies and technical innovations have been implemented in the telecommunications sector, there has been a significant increase in competition.

Grupo Televisa believes that there is a strong correlation between increased competition and the adoption of new technologies.

In particular, Grupo Televisa’s cable operators face intense competition in the market for Internet services and fixed telephony services from several service providers, such as Totalplay and other cable companies.

Importantly, such competition also comes from the preponderant economic agent in the telecommunications sector, which has a significant market share, as well as from other competitors in fixed-mobile solutions.

Grupo Televisa

In addition, cable operators face stiff competition from other cable companies and other pay-TV operators such as Dish Mexico, Total Play, Megacable, Sky and other cable operators.

Recently, competition in this market has increased due to the growth of IPTV or OTT providers such as Netflix, Disney+, Star +, Claro Video, Prime Video (Amazon), HBO Max, ViX, Paramount, Lionsgate, Universal + and Apple TV+, among others.

Its cable operators also compete with other media with respect to advertising sales, including DTH, social media, outdoor and editorial advertising, among others.

Information technologies are changing, and Grupo Televisa expects that they will continue to change media advertising consumption.

Grupo Televisa is a major telecommunications corporation that owns and operates one of Mexico’s leading cable companies as well as a leading DTH satellite pay-TV system.

The company’s cable business offers integrated video, high-speed data, voice, and wireless services to residential and business customers, as well as managed services to domestic and international operators.

The company owns a majority stake in Sky, a leading DTH satellite pay-TV system and broadband provider in Mexico, which also operates in the Dominican Republic and Central America.


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