Grupo Sanborns: production and sale of chocolates

Grupo Sanborns produces and sells chocolates under eight brands and has a chocolate factory.

These brands are Choco-GUUM, Chocoloritos, Tecoflakes, Cocolete, El Capitán, Tecolote, Manicero and Tortuga Sanborns.

When cocoa was cultivated in Mexico in pre-Columbian times, the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican peoples diluted this fruit in water with spices to create what was called xocolatl, which means bitter water or brown water.

Since then and to this day, Mexico has been a leading market for chocolate consumption.

Grupo Sanborns also manufactures and markets candies under the Sanborns Pon pons and Piedritas de Río brands; its traditional boxes of chocolates, and its ice pops under the Tecoleta Sanborns brand.

Grupo Sanborns

In 1965, Grupo Carso, led by Carlos Slim Helú, acquired Sanborns, whose origins date back to 1903, when Walter M. Sanborn, an American, founded a small pharmacy in Mexico City.

Currently, Grupo Sanborns participates in the commercial sector with 444 points of sale.

This integration is made up as follows:

  • A chain of 143 establishments with restaurant and store operations, under the Sanborns concept.
  • 1 Sanborns Home & Fashion.
  • 19 Sanborns Café 
  • 43 Mixup music stores.
  • 102 iShop stores. 
  • 95 Sears department stores.
  • 1 El Palacio de los Perfumes boutiques.
  • 39 Dax stores.
  • 2 shopping malls. 


Grupo Sanborns owns the premises (including the land) where 48 of its Sanborns Units are located, as well as 3 commissaries and a chocolate factory.

The rest of the properties where it operates are leased. 

Most of the leases can be extended or renewed for terms of more than five years. Six new stores have been opened in the last three years.

The Sanborns format represents a unique concept of specialized convenience stores in Mexico, offering a comprehensive experience for its customers, with a wide range of products available for purchase. 

These products include a wide variety of books, magazines, music, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty products, electronics, jewelry, gifts, candy and toys. 

In addition, all of our Sanborns stores have full restaurant and bar service. Most of our Sanborns stores are located inside shopping centers with high customer traffic, although we also have stores outside of shopping centers in different parts of the country.