Grupo Sanborns closed 10 Sanborns stores-restaurants

Grupo Sanborns closed 10 Sanborns store-restaurants in net terms in Mexico at the end of 2020 compared to the end of 2019.

With a unique concept in Mexico, each Sanborns store-restaurant is a combination of a small-scale specialized department store, with a restaurant and a bar.

Earlier, in 2019, Grupo Sanborns closed another three Sanborns store-restaurants.

Most Sanborns store-restaurants are one-story, stand-alone stores, and not necessarily located in shopping centers.

With this, the number of Sanborns store-restaurants in operation in the country at the end of 2020 was 154, with 293,498 m2 of total sales area and 496,103 seats.

The Sanborns store-restaurants traditionally have higher sales volume and customer traffic during the year, the months of February, May, June, November and December, due to Friendship Day, Day of the Mothers, Father’s Day, Good End and for the Christmas festivities.

Sanborns store-restaurants

These businesses offer a wide variety of merchandise, such as books, magazines, pharmacy items, sweets, tobacco items, toys, novelties, gifts, records, audio, video and computer equipment, cell phones, wrist and wall clocks, cameras and photographic equipment, costume jewelery, fine jewelry, scarves, bags, gloves, umbrellas, perfumes, cosmetics and some men’s clothing such as belts and ties.

As of December 31, 2020, Sanborns stores ranked as one of the largest bookstore chains in Mexico and one of the largest chains of pharmaceutical products.

The company constantly tries to adjust to the needs of its customers, offering the newest products and adjusting its product mix according to the location and preferences of the customers of the store in question.

In addition, its Sanborns stores accept payments for telephone services, pay TV receipts, American Express credit cards, services, airline tickets, among others.

It also has ATMs and bank branches in most of its Sanborns stores.

In September 1999 we launched our first e-commerce page, www.sanborns.com.mx, which offers a wide variety of its most popular products.