Grupo Rotoplas increases sales due to greater personal washing

Grupo Rotoplas registered a 12.2% increase in its net sales of products in 2020, benefiting from more personal washing.

Headquartered in Mexico City, Grupo Rotoplas is the leading company in America that provides solutions for the storage, conduction, improvement, treatment and recycling of water.

The company operates 18 plants and has a presence in 14 countries and a portfolio that includes 27 product lines, as well as services.

At a year-on-year rate, Grupo Rotoplas’ revenues totaled 8,644 million pesos and its net profit increased from 52 million pesos in 2019 to 418 million pesos in 2020.

Grupo Rotoplas attributed these increases to a greater demand for water related to new patterns of consumer behavior.

Specifically, an increase in the frequency of personal hygiene washing and in the time spent at home has been observed, implying a greater need for water storage.

Likewise, the preference to buy through digital channels has driven the growth of online commerce

Grupo Rotoplas

The launch of new storage and conduction solutions, the improvement in the efficiency of the sales force and the expansion of the local offer with complementary products that were already offered in other regions, also contributed to the increase in sales.

But the sales of services decreased 2.1% in the year as a result of a decrease in the income of drinking fountains due to a slow execution of contracts due to the closure of schools in Mexico due to the pandemic.

Additionally, the closing of contracts for water treatment and recycling plants, mainly with clients in the tourism and commercial sectors, has been postponed.

In Brazil, the first three water treatment plants began to operate during the third quarter of the year and in Mexico some treatment plants went into the maintenance phase during the second half, decreasing their monthly billing per unit.

Meanwhile, bebbia continues to record record sales and doubled its customer base compared to 2019, reaching more than 44,500 units installed.

In addition, rieggo recorded the first sales in the fourth quarter.


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